Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of The Godfreds Foundation is to build and operate a chain of private, low cost, sustainable schools in rural villages across Ghana.

Our Vision

  • Create an atmosphere of learning excellence, which will allow each student to reach his or her highest potential
  • To employ highly qualified and educated staff who will motivate and encourage each child to be their best
  • Surround these students with the tools they need to be successful individuals in all areas of their lives
  • Promote a positive and healthy environment where we will not only educate their minds, but nourish their bodies and souls as well
  • To give these young people the best chance for a future that is bright and full of promise
  • Invite volunteers from all over the world to share, teach and encourage these young children.
girl on play structure in Senase, Ghana, Africa


Percent of Senase kids that don't bring lunch to school

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