We Learn Everywhere

Walk into any one of our classrooms and you will find children sitting in small groups reading, putting puzzles together on the floor, or maybe even laying on play mats while working on a math or reading worksheet.

Walk onto our campus and you will see groups of children sitting outside at lunch tables playing educational games, under our play ship having a science lesson or maybe even relaxing in the shaded hallway, barefoot, reading books with their teacher.

As a youngster growing up in Ghanaian Schools, our co-founder Fredrick Benneh knew what he did NOT want in our school. He did not want rows of desks where children sit facing a blackboard being given information to memorize by their teacher. In school after school in Ghana, this is education.

This is why experiential learning is the focus of our classrooms and our entire school. Learning by doing is how we truly understand, and this is why it is crucial for the future success of our students.

Our students know we can learn:

  • At a table
  • On the floor
  • In the hallway
  • Sitting at the lunch tables
  • Under our play ship

Learning at SAS happens EVERYWHERE!!

kids at school in Ghana
kids at school in Ghana
kids at school in Ghana
kids at school in Ghana
kids at school in Ghana
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