Semanhyiya American Nursery School is Underway!

Since the opening of Semanhyiya American School in September of 2015, we have been asked by parents throughout the community to please add a Nursery School, (creche), to our campus. Although not part of our original plan, our PTA Board and the Ministry of Education have also encouraged us to add two- and three-year-olds to SAS, so we can begin to train them in our methods at even an earlier age.

Because we do things so differently at SAS, getting our young ones started early will have many advantages:

  1. Improved English skills by the time they begin kindergarten.
  2. They will develop a love of learning from the very beginning.
  3. We can catch them while they are “learning sponges”! Every new experience, every word they learn, every behavior they adopt will be an investment in their future.
  4. They will learn that our school is ruled with kindness, compassion and mutual respect for others.
  5. We will help them to develop resilience early on, which is the foundation for coping strategies for greater challenges in life.

We are thrilled to have such community support in our efforts to bring the kind of education needed to give these children the skills for success throughout their lives, and can’t wait to increase our number of SAS Scholars.

Preschool girl in Ghana with tires
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