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Godfreds Foundation
Donor Roll

(cumulative through 6/9/15)

Symbol of Leadership

Mike and Barbara Allison

Ananse NtontanAnanse Ntontan
Symbol of Wisdom
($5,000 and above)

Gary Solomon
Harriet Arreguin

Boa Me Na Me Mmoa WoBoa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo
Symbol of Cooperation & Interdependence
($1,000 to $4,999)

Backyard Bowls
Francis Parker School of San Diego
Ric and Kim Huettl
Rick and Diane Dow

Akoma NtosoAkoma Ntoso
Symbol of Understanding
($500 to $999)

Matthew and Amy Schamroth
Nancy Tietge
Phillip Trotter
Phil and Carole Wizer

Sesa Wo SubanSesa Wo Suban
Symbol of Life Transformation
($250 to $499)

Cynthia Allison
Pauline Andrews
Alba Del Puerte
Thomas and Rosalind Cunningham
Marie LaBouff
Dale and Jane Quarto
James and Diane Wilkinson
Olivia Sibert
Sven and Elisabeth Westlund
James & Joanne Williams

Symbol of Patience & Tolerance
($100 to $249)

Nancy Ackelson
David and Cindy Allison
Michael and Barbara Allison
Dwight and Jane Allison
Scott Allison
Tony Allison
Debra Benjamin
Marillee Carroll
John Davidson
Pat and Tammy Drake
Susan Edwards
Annell Groene
Keith and Maria Knox
Mark and Nancy Mendoza
Charlie and Carol Morris
Bruce and Betsy Olson
Robert Petris
Yen Phan
Kathleen Pond
Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Schneider
Nick Sloot
James Van Arsdel
Roy and Ginny Wagner
Linda Wilkinson
Jay and Julie Yarter
Kam Chun Yee
Katie Tsang Yuet Ying

Nyame Biribi Wo SoroNyame Biribi Wo Soro
Symbol of Hope
(up to $100)

Andrew Allison
Debbie Allison
John Allison
Brent Allred
Gary and Jeanene Bean
Greg and Renee Bert
Ethan Boyle
Can Do Land Tours
Geno and Nancy Carr
Sarah Chapin
Kathy Christie
Michael Cuje
Maria Edwards
Ann Nora Ehret
Bill Elliott
Jeremy Fryd
Dean Gallagher and Elyse Skeate
Robert and Diane Hecht
Braden Herndon
George Henderson Insurance
Pam Hernandez
Marquina Hofschneider
Marianne Kavanagh
Poon Hiu Kong
Sau Mei Lau
Yu Chau Lam
Sarah Levine
Gary and Anita Lockhart
Carl and Teddie Main
Gerry and Fran Johnson
Bill and Joan Littlefield
Steve and Suzanne Montgomery
Steve Ponce
Cheryl Rivera
Mary Ropka
Christine Rubin
Phyllis Schwartz
Donna Smith
Cheryl and Leah Sukenik
Tracy Templ
Teri Tondee
Nancy Visenburg
Tory Warner
Cali Wickert
Sel Yackley

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