Our Plan

Problems that children in Senase and other rural villages in Ghana face when trying to get a quality education:

  • Children must walk long distances to school, often two hours or more.
  • Only 5% of children bring lunch to school.
  • Schools lack adequate supplies, books, and learning material.
  • Teachers often have little or no teacher training and are not monitored by any agency. They often don’t show up for work.
  • There are often over 100 students in a classroom.
  • School buildings often lack floors, water or electricity and have leaking roofs.
  • Students have NO access to technology.
  • Parents are often illiterate themselves, and do not see the value in their child’s education. They would often rather have their children helping them in their farms, than attending school.
  • School environments do not inspire children to problem solve, think creatively and reach their highest potential.
  • Children whose parents cannot afford to buy a uniform may not attend school.
  • With ALL of these disadvantages, these children must sit for the SAME EXAMS as those students who attend schools in the urban areas and have every advantage.

Our Solution

Our solution to the problems these children face in getting a quality education is to build a low cost, private, sustainable school right in their village. This will eliminate the need for them to walk long distances or rely on transportation that is unreliable.

Our school will be equipped with an abundance of books, learning materials and in particular technology which is going to be so important to their future success and being able to compete with students who have had so many more advantages.

We will hire teachers who are not only qualified, but who share our vision and are enthusiastic to implement a curriculum that engages their students in learning in new and exciting ways. A lunch program will be provided, as we know that the proper nutrition is so important for growing minds and bodies. Our student to teacher ratio will be kept low, with a maximum of 35 students per class, and an assistant teacher in each grade level. We will make parent education and involvement an important part of our overall plan, so that we know the children are getting the support at home to be the best they can be at school. We believe our students will thrive in an environment of high expectation and excellence!

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