2015-08-24 - Fred, Barbara, Mike-smallerBy Barbara Allison

Less than two and a half years ago I met Fredrick Benneh during a home stay in his village of Senase, Ghana. Bringing quality education and a pathway to a better life for children in his village was always Fred’s dream. Now, it is our shared dream and in 7 days it will become reality.

Fourteen days ago I arrived in Ghana to prepare to open the first three classrooms of The GodFreds Foundation’s new school.

This is not an ordinary school…….certainly not by standards in Ghana and especially not in small farming villages such as Senase.

This is a school that has so much more to offer than desks and chalkboards.

What it has is an environment that promotes creativity and experiential learning. It’s a school filled with caring adults that value each child for their abilities, celebrates their achievements, encourages their interests and strives to help them reach their highest potential.

This school has been built with love, and every detail has been the vision of our co-founder Fredrick who knows first hand what is lacking in the education available in his village, and what is necessary to help lift these children out of extreme poverty.

From the response we have had to registration, parents in this and other nearby villages are yearning for the quality of education we are offering, wanting to give their children the best hope for their futures.

With over 200 students registered, another 200 turned away because of their age, and only 105 spaces available, the difficult job of selecting our students lies ahead. In a perfect world we would accept them all, but we will do our best bring resources even to those children that we cannot accommodate in Semanhyiya American School.

EVERY child deserves an excellent education and we are determined to make the biggest impact possible in this region of Ghana.

To every dreamer I say, stay focused and never give up. Your dream today can be the reality of tomorrow.

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