Our next step is to add a building containing two classrooms. One classroom will be our 2nd grade, which will open next September, and the other will be used for many different purposes until it is opened as our 3rd grade classroom in the fall of 2017.

Eventually, as we have the funds, we will build upwards to complete three stories on this building before expanding our campus to the adjacent property. Each year we will add a grade, until we have a school comprised of classes KG1 through class 9, (Pre-K through 9th grade).

We believe strongly that growing our school by one class each year is the best strategy to give our students a strong foundation with the new system of education that we are introducing not only to them, but to our teachers and parents as well.

Developing our student’s abilities, and instilling in them the belief that they have the talents and gifts to reach for their dreams is our ultimate goal. Anyone visiting our campus will immediately feel the sense of community and oneness that we have worked hard to create. Environment matters!

We are very proud that our school is totally self-sustainable. Our foundation provides the funds used to build the school buildings and to supply the classrooms with the materials needed. All of the expenses to run the school are covered by the modest school fees that our parents pay. This includes teacher and staff salaries, fuel and maintenance for our two school busses, school lunches, electricity and internet…everything that it takes to run our school day to day.

GodFreds Foundation - new elementary school classroom in Ghana
GodFreds Foundation - new elementary school classroom in Ghana
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