It’s a new year, and we have a new way for you to get involved!

Every child who attends Semanhyiya American School pays a modest school fee. This fee covers the cost of their uniforms, breakfast and lunch, transportation to and from school, and all school supplies and materials.

Senase and the surrounding villages in which our students live are very poor. Many of the families earn just enough money to feed and care for their family’s basic needs, and others farm their land just to sustain themselves.

The selection process for our students included a parent interview to determine their level of commitment to their child’s education, as well as their ability to pay this modest fee. As we all know, it is crucial for a student to have the support of a dedicated parent or caregiver who appreciates the value of an education.

We know from time to time, situations will arise when a parent may struggle to pay their child’s full school fee and we are committed to helping our students stay enrolled at SAS where they have the unique opportunity to receive the kind of education that will truly put them on a path to a better future.

Unlike a sponsorship program, where your donation goes directly to a specific child, our scholarship fund will help supplement a child’s school fees when we determine that their family needs a little help to keep their child in school. We feel it is very important that the parent pay whatever they are able, as it keeps them involved and gives them a feeling of ownership and participation in their child’s education.

You can donate today, to help us make sure all of our students are able to return to Semanhyiya American School for their second term, which begins one week from today!

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