Nursery, (creche), at Semanhyiya American School


With our 2nd  and 3rd grade classrooms built and our second graders in session, we listened to the community of Senase, our school board members, as well as the Ministry of Education and decided our next step should be the addition of a Nursery, (creche), at Semanhyiya American School. We acquired two plots of land right beside SAS and opened the nursery in January!

Follow our progress via the blog posts below:

Semanhyiya American Nursery School is Underway!

Since the opening of Semanhyiya American School in September of 2015, we have been asked by parents throughout the community to please add a Nursery School, (creche), to our campus. Although not part of our original plan, our PTA Board and the Ministry of Education have also encouraged us to add two- and three-year-olds to SAS, so we can begin to train them in our methods at even an earlier age.

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Our next project: Two new classrooms!

Our next step is to add a building containing two classrooms. One classroom will be our 2nd grade, which will open next September, and the other will be used for many different purposes until it is opened as our 3rd grade classroom in the fall of 2017.

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Our school building is nearly complete!

Wow! Look at Semanhyiya American School! With the help of the Social Innovation Challenge prize money awarded to co-founder Fredrick Benneh, our school building is nearly complete! Now there is still important work ahead of us as we need school furnishings, computers,...

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Adinkra: The Semanhyiya American School Logo

by Barbara Allison We’re thrilled to have a school name that conveys the special story that led us to this point. Semanhyiya, which means, “if I had never met you”, speaks to the fact that if Fred and I had not met in the Spring of 2013, his dreams of attending...

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