Early education is so important!

kids, children, Senase, Ghana, educationWe understand that high quality education at an early age is important for so many reasons! Not only does it give young children a firm foundation for academic and future success, but it also fosters a love of learning. Unfortunately, the kids who need it the most often have the least access to it. That is why we have chosen to start our school with classes K1, K2, and 1st grade, giving our students the best start possible!

Building update: a classroom and the headmaster’s office

Building update! One of our three classrooms, and the headmaster’s office!

Photos from January, 2015 trip to Senase

Our most recent trip to Senase was in a way surreal, as we were watching our vision and dream come to life before our eyes! Our days were packed with meetings, interviews, and of course some time watching as block by block we witnessed the foundation of our school being built. It wasn’t always good enough to just be spectators, but occasionally we wanted to be a part of the process from digging to building blocks!! Traveling with our videographer, Leo, we were able to capture so much on video that you can look forward to seeing here on our website in the near future!!


Photos from March, 2014 trip to Senase

Our trip to Senase in the spring of 2014 had many purposes. First, we were meeting a group of Semester at Sea students, (including Barbara’s son Andrew), who were coming to Senase for their home stay tour with Fred’s company. Second, we were delivering 40 school uniforms to school children in a nearby city that Fred’s charity club in London, Hult Rise, had raised money for.

Our third mission was to buy a piece of land on which to build a school that would give hope to these children in Senase who deserved a quality education and the chance to have a better life. We had brought with us a small amount of money that the Allison Family had raised at a Garage Sale in January. After meeting with The Chief and Elders to explain our mission, we were presented with an opportunity to buy a large piece of land, and The GodFred’s Foundation was born!


Photos from Barbara’s first trip to Senase

In the spring of 2013, Barbara met Fred Benneh for the first time while doing a home stay in his village of Senase, Ghana. This was Barbara’s first time being exposed to the kinds of conditions people in these rural villages live in, and in particular the conditions of the schools. Seeing the obstacles Fred had to overcome, to get the kind of education he had received, and to being the successful young man he was now, Barbara was motivated to find a way to give other children in Senase the opportunity to find a better life through education.


We are so thankful for Olivia Benneh!

Olivia BennehWe are so thankful for Olivia Benneh, who gives 110% in everything she does!! She is our supervisor on the ground, and a big reason we are making such steady progress with the construction of our school. Thank you for all you do!!