Thank you to our tireless photographer!

Leo DraxlWe would like to extend a huge Thank You to Leo Draxl, who took time from his studies in London to accompany us to Senase last week. Working tirelessly, Leo was able to capture through film and photos our story, and what our school will mean to this community and their children who currently must travel long distances from their village for a high quality education.

Leo Draxl photographing kids

We’re making progress!

progress made on new school building in SenaseAfter a very long drive from Accra we arrived at our land in Senase. It was so exciting to see how much progress has already been made toward building the school!

Senase kids experience first pizza

Accra Mall trip, Ghana, SenaseWhile education is our top priority, so is exposing children from Senase to city life. This exposure gives them a sense of what is possible, and why it is so important to work hard in school!! We visited the Accra Mall and these fine young men had their first taste of pizza ever!!

Savor this girl’s thirst for learning!

By Fredrick Benneh

Girl on street with FredToday I felt in love with with this little girl when walking on the street. She surprised me with a random hug so I asked her where is your mom? She pointed to a wooden structure near by so I decided to take her to her mom.On our way we grabbed some biscuits and went into the structure. Her mom works in the wooden structure, she peals vegetables the whole day for 0.75 cents and was very busy.

I started playing with Sofia whiles she eats her biscuits but as soon as I pulled out my iPad and started teaching her numbers, she dropped everything and started repeating after me and also writing them with joy. I was shocked because she didn’t even smile when I bought her the biscuits nor say a word.Her mood changed all of a sudden with laughter. This warms my heart soo much.

Do we want these children wondering on the street or in a school????? 2015 is a year of Education!!!! Help educate someone!!!!!

Fred meets with CEO of Omega Schools

Ken Donkoh of Omega Schools and Fred Benneh

Ken Donkoh of Omega Schools and Fred Benneh

While he was in Accra, Fredrick Benneh enjoyed meeting with Ken Donkoh, co-founder and CEO of Omega Schools. Founded in 2008, Omega Schools uses a “pay as you learn” model in its chain of low cost private schools in Ghana. Today over 20,000 students are being educated in their 38 schools!